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CCS Membership

Members of the Center for Comprehensive Security come from many different backgrounds, but are all interested in the security field and the security profession. From guards & technicians to CSOs & CISOs, the same principles of security hold true - and we can all learn from each other.

The Security field encompasses many roles - Corporate Security, Data Security, Law Enforcement, Private Security, Network Security, Audit & Compliance, Investigation, Executive Protection, Fraud, Military, just to name a few - and often the lines between them blur.

The Center for Comprehensive Security is a unique organization, the first of its kind to encompass both Physical and Technical Security as equal partners in protecting the environments, assets and people we are charged with securing.

Email our Director of Membership for more info: 'Membership @ CentComSec . org'

Become Certified in Comprehensive Security
The CCS series of certifications is the only certification program of its kind, encompassing both information security with physical security evenly, in a blended fashion. The CCS certification series covers physical and technical security with a balanced approach, in reflection of the direction the world - and the security profession - is going. Click Here for more info on Certification.

Grandfathering Program for Certification
Designed to recognize security professionals who may have already demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the field, the Grandfathering Program gives Security professionals the opportunity to certify without the exam requirement. Click Here for Grandfathering Program details.

Get Training in Comprehensive Security
The Center for Comprehensive Security provides training for Security professionals looking to broaden their skillsets to encompass both 'sides' of Security. Click Here for more info on Training opportunities.

We encourage you to get involved. Become a member of the Center for Comprehensive Security today. Be a part of making the Security profession the best that it - and you - can be!

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