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Certification and Education in Security Convergence

Grandfathering Program for Certification

CCS Grandfathering Program

Designed to recognize security professionals who may have already demonstrated their knowledge and experience in the field, the Grandfathering Program gives Security professionals the opportunity to certify without the exam requirement. This is a limited program and we encourage Grandfathering candidates to apply as soon as possible to participate.

Two CCS certifications may be awarded through the Grandfathering program:
  • CACS - Certified Associate in Comprehensive Security
  • CPCS - Certified Professional in Comprehensive Security
Security professionals may apply for either or both of these certifications, depending on the number of points earned.

How Does It Work?
The Grandfathering Certification Program is a straightforward, points-based system. Applicants may meet the requirements for Grandfathered Certification by accumulating points based on their previous relevant experience, other certifications, training and accomplishments in the field - and may be awarded certification without the exam requirement.

For more details, Visit our FAQ Page for answers to common questions, or Email: ' Grandfather @ CentComSec . org '. Some sample point calculations are available here: Examples of point calculation.

To get started now:
Click Here for the Grandfathering Program Appplication. (or Right-click to download)
      (Click Here to see some Examples of point calculation.)

Send in your completed application, documentation & fees, and get certified today!

Please Note: The opportunity for Grandfathered CCS Certification will expire November 30, 2009. Application packages that are complete and postmarked by November 30 will be eligible. We encourage all professionals seeking certification through the Grandfathering Program to start their application process as soon as possible, so if issues or questions arise, you will have enough time to address them before the program expires.

We look forward to hearing from you!