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Center for Comprehensive Security - Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Center for Comprehensive Security has established the following Code of Ethics to provide a common direction and set of shared principles for security professionals associated with the CCS. Members agree to follow the Code of Ethics established by the Center for Comprehensive Security.

    CCS Code of Ethics

Members of the Center for Comprehensive Security shall:
1) Conduct themselves and their professional duties with integrity, in accordance with the law and in accordance with professional standards and best practices.
2) Provide diligent and thorough security services, advice and consultation for their principals.
3) Acquire and maintain professional competence in their fields and agree to undertake only those activities which they can reasonably expect to complete with professional competence, or after disclosure of relevant limitations.
4) Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information obtained in the course of their duties and exercise due care to prevent its improper disclosure.
5) Never misrepresent their credentials, education, training, experience or membership status.
6) Take no action which would have a detrimental effect on the profession or the Center for Comprehensive Security.

Ethics issues or complaints will be heard by the CCS Advisory Board. The Advisory Board may take action as determined by a review of the case, including possible revocation of membership and loss of credentials.