Center for
Certification and Education in Security Convergence

Continuing Education for Certification

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is required to maintain your certification. As the world continues to change, so too does the security industry, as well as the threats we face. As professionals at the forefront of our field, we are expected to lead the way. Continuing Education is one way to ensure we stay on top of our game.

CCS certification holders are required to complete 16 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) per calendar year. Of these 16 Continuing Education Units each year, at least 4 CEUs should be related to Technical Security, and 4 should be related to Physical Security. The remaining 8 CEUs can be related to either. When reporting your CEUs, be sure to indicate in which of the two areas they apply.

How do I earn CEUs?

One CEU (Continuing Education Unit) is defined as education or training in one or more aspects of Security, comprised of at least 50 minutes of training in a one-hour period, according to the industry standard. Additional security-related activity may also be submitted for credit, with Board approval. Some examples are:   Providing security-related training to others, Leadership service in a Security-focused organization or association, Serving as Proctor for CCS Exams, Writing an article for a security-related publication, and so on.

Documentation of all applicable training should be maintained by the CCS certification holder. CEUs are subject to audit and documentation must be submitted to the Center for Comprehensive Security upon request.

Good luck with your training and education!