Center for
Certification and Education in Security Convergence

Comprehensive Security Certification Levels

Why is certification important?

Whether you're a Security professional who is looking to further your career, a consultant whose clients demand qualifications, a CSO whose company is converging physical and technical security, or someone on the job market - This certification can be the difference between you and the other choice.

The CCS series of certifications is the only certification program of its kind, encompassing both information security and physical security evenly, in a blended fashion. The CCS certification series covers physical and technical security with a balanced approach, in reflection of the direction that the world - and the security profession - is going.

There are 3 levels in the CCS certification program:

  • CACS - Certified Associate in Comprehensive Security
  • CPCS - Certified Professional in Comprehensive Security
  • CECS - Certified Expert in Comprehensive Security
Certify at the level that makes the most sense for you. Show your colleagues, recruiters, clients, and key decision-makers in your company that your experience goes beyond the norm, that you are one of the individuals on the leading edge of the security profession.