Center for
Certification and Education in Security Convergence

Comprehensive Security Certification Levels

Certified Expert in Comprehensive Security

CECS - Certified Expert in Comprehensive Security - is the third level of certification available through the CCS program.

CECS candidates must be members in good standing of the Center for Comprehensive Security, and are required to agree and adhere to the Center's Code of Ethics.

Candidates for the CECS certification must have a minimum of seven years in either Technical or Physical security, and a minimum of four years in the other. All experience used as a basis for certification must be relevant and verifiable.

CECS applicants must have earned the CPCS certification and must have a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Finally, CECS candidates must take and pass the CECS exam*.

Certification Exam
Candidates meeting the above requirements and experience minimums may sit for the exam at the next scheduled opportunity. (Candidates with CPCS certification and seven years' experience in either Physical or Technical Security, but with less than four years in the other, may qualify to sit for the CECS exam after successfully completing the appropriate CCS training program. Visit our Training page for info on educational opportunities.)

*The CECS certification is not available through the Grandfathering program.

CECS certification is valid for a period of 3 years, during which time certificate holders must meet Continuing Education requirements, must adhere to the Center's Code of Ethics, and must maintain membership in good standing in the Center for Comprehensive Security in order to retain their certification. Recertification is dependent on the CECS continuing to meet these criteria