Center for
Certification and Education in Security Convergence

CCS Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The CCS Advisory Board is made up of Security professionals whose experience spans both the Physical and Technical aspects of security, including:

- Military service in the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, including Special Forces
- Current and former Law Enforcement, both military and civilian, including S.W.A.T.
- Information Security - networks, infrastructure, data, and communications
- Private security, from corporate environments to independent security agency
- Executive Protection, both military and civilian, and in both foreign & domestic settings
- Security audit, investigation and legal & regulatory compliance, such as GLB, HIPAA
- Forensic investigation, including computer forensics
- Private investigation
- Clients of domestic and international scope, up to and including the 9/11 World Trade Center rescue and the 2004 Olympic Games & Olympic Sponsors

The Advisory Board are also recognized Instructors in a variety of Security-related areas, including: Firearms, Personal protection and close quarters combat, Mechanics of arrest and detention, Defensive tactics, Crime prevention, K-9, Security convergence, Internet safety, Security awareness, Data security and encryption, and COBIT / COSO audit and control methodologies, among others.

In addition to their Center for Comprehensive Security service, CCS Advisory Board members are active in the Security community in other ways, participating in such organizations as: NCISS, ISSA, ASIS, ISCPP, HTCIA, ACFEI, NCPC, ISACA, ATAB, IACSP, IISFA, GAPPI, GCPA and the President's Council on Physical Fitness.

The goal of the Board is to provide guidance and expertise to the Center, to act as a sounding board and a resource, and to assist with the certification and membership processes. The Advisory Board helps to guide the growth and progress of the organization, and investigate and decide issues concerning members.

Other Security Organizations:

ACFEI - American College of Forensic Examiners
ASIS - American Society for Industrial Security
ATAB - Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board
GAPPI - Georgia Association of Professional Private Investigators
GCPA - Georgia Crime Prevention Association
HTCIA - High Technology Crime Investigation Association
IACSP - International Association For Counterterrorism & Security Professionals
IISFA - International Information Systems Forensics Association
ISACA - Information Systems Audit and Control Association
ISCPP - International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners
ISSA - Information Systems Security Association
NCISS - National Council of Investigation and Security Services
NCPC - National Crime Prevention Council