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Certification and Education in Security Convergence

About CCS: A Comprehensive Security Approach

What is Comprehensive Security?

Modern security is so much more than just 'guns & guards'. It's also more than just firewalls & encryption. A modern security professional must be a well-rounded individual who can handle the physical security requirements of a technical implementation or handle the technology aspects of physical security.

As the threats we face become more blended, and the criminals and terrorists become more sophisticated, we too must continue to grow in order to be successful in the Security Profession.

"In today's society, security professionals can no longer afford to operate in an isolated world."

The Center for Comprehensive Security was founded on this concept. 'Convergence' of Security is no longer the wave of the future - it's the wave of today - and Security practitioners must grow with the profession or be left on the sidelines.

Could you imagine hardening your servers and systems, securing them logically behind a firewall, etc. but leaving them unprotected outside the door to your building?   Neither could we.   'Secured' servers are not secured if they are not physically protected as well.

Could you imagine locking down your building, complete with cameras, guards and layers of access control, then leaving your network wide open to the Internet?   Neither could we.   Without control of access to your information systems, your data is freely available to even the most basic of hackers - from anywhere in the world.

The Center for Comprehensive Security was founded to bring together individuals in the security field for the furtherance of the security profession, educational and networking opportunities, and the opportunity for formal recognition of security skills and experience that span both the technical and physical aspects of security.

We encourage you to get involved. Become a member of the Center for Comprehensive Security today. Be a part of making the Security profession the best that it - and you - can be!

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