Center for
Certification and Education in Security Convergence

Center for Comprehensive Security

"In today's society, security professionals can no longer afford to operate in an isolated world."

What does 'Security' mean to you?

Risk Management?   Security Guards?   Audit / Compliance?   Computer Security?   Law Enforcement?   Anti-Terrorism?   Forensics?   Investigations?   Data Encryption?   Executive Protection?   Safety?   Secure Communications?   Emergency Planning / Disaster Preparedness?   Security Policy?   Homeland Security?

Security can be any or all of these and more. Today, the threats that Security professionals have to contend with and protect against are no longer one-dimensional. As Security Professionals, we have to be more well-rounded now than ever before.

The Center for Comprehensive Security was founded on this concept. 'Convergence' of Security is no longer the wave of the future - it's the wave of today - and Security practitioners must grow with the profession or be left on the sidelines.

The Center for Comprehensive Security brings together individuals in the security field for the furtherance of the security profession, educational and networking opportunities, and the opportunity for formal recognition of security skills and experience that span both the technical and physical aspects of security.

We encourage you to get involved.

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